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Commercial Market Rd, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

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Zahid Iqbal

CEO of Company


Founder and CEO of E-Online Tutors, Zahid started his entrepreneurial journey after completing his Bachelors in 2003. Zahid has worked extensively for decades in International market in BPO, KPO& Education.With all his knowledge and efforts he inaugurated Online Education in Pakistan and UK in year 2005. After that Zahid launched Al-Shams Technologies to create a global service to address the problem of slow and un-focussed growth of a child and help parents in solving this challenge by empowering them with Knowledge equipped with technology and science. Zahid oversees the day to day operations at Al-Shams and the technology and scientific approach in delivering education using virtual class room and live tuition.

Local BPO Company

Sales Officer

Media Group

Education Instructor

Local School

Education Consultant

Construction Company

Civil Engineer




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