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Can I instead get Al-Shams Team to search tutor for me?

Yes of course! we provide a totally personalised service free of any cost to you. Simply submit a tuition request and we will manage the rest. We listen to your requirements very carefully, understand your needs, and then we establish tutors who are not only closest to you but who match perfectly to your requirements. This ultimately saves your time and effort - all free of cost to you.

How do you interact with the tutor during lesson?

This is a customised personal teaching session where each student will be coached based on his/her current level of understanding. During a live online lesson, students can see the tutor’s teaching via screen sharing, ask questions in real-time via chat box or voice. Our tutor will be able to demonstrate the teaching flow via a virtual whiteboard to ensure students understand the workflow of the lessons.

Do you offer Demo Classes?

Demo classes in tuition actually do not serve any purpose – takes ⅔ days for your child and tutor to understand each other and to get comfortable with each other. You will not get any idea of this from a 1-hour demo class. But we can schedule a demo class if he/she hasn't experience in the online classes.

However, with our experience, we have a specially designed 10 – Day DISCOVER Program instead of a demo class. It promotes the student-tutor interaction for 10 days instead of One. It is a more extensive way of interaction. The student gets to know more about the tutor and how Al-Shams Technologies teaches and the Tutor also gets to know about the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Will you conduct any exams or tests and when?

We conduct many different tests to see whether the child has grasped the topics taught in class. These tests include Chapter Wise Tests, daily worksheets and assignments. They are conducted regularly. We also conduct Concept Evaluation Tests to see the child’s conceptual clarity, this is conducted at the start of the DISCOVER Program.

What do you teach in Zoom, skype and in Google Classroom? How is it different?

We use our Zoom and skype sessions to teach or explain new concepts to the child as we believe learning is done better when there is a direct interaction between student and teacher. On the other hand, we use Google Classroom to clear doubts of the student in previously taught concepts and to help the child with their homework.

How do you complete the portion of the exam before the exam?

It is possible to complete the portion before the exams as we follow the school’s syllabus and go at the same pace as the school.

How to enroll in the DISCOVER Program?

The way to enroll for the 10-day DISCOVER program is:

  • Choose the start date, the program will go on for 10 after that day. (For example, if the program starts on 19th November, it will end on 29th November)
  • Next, you have to fill up the student enrollment form, which will not take long.
  • Our counsellor will suggest the available time slot options for you
  • You can choose the most convenient slot for your child
  • The Payment link will be sent once the slot is decided
  • Our fee is 100$
  • You can pay through Online Payment Gateway, Paypal Western Union, etc.

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Is Al-Shams like a substitute for the traditional tuitions that children usually attend?

We use a combination of tools (Highly trained tutors, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in various subjects and curricula, high-quality assessments, target marks/grades specified, DISCOVER program, feedback etc.) to assist us in training our students. We treat each child as an individual, based on current conceptual understanding and learning habits we devise a customized plan specifically for the student. Al-Shams works with targets for improvement in marks/grades of the student along with a customized student academic plan and regular feedback. We incorporate all the elements of regular/traditional tuition classes along with elements that are suitable for interactive and efficient learning based on the needs of the student. We have 30mins classes 5 days a week with live interaction. We use teaching methodologies and techniques developed by our expert academic team that is specifically suited for your child.

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How do you evaluate student learning at Al-Shams?

At Al-Shams we use various tools and methods to evaluate students based on their academics. These include:

  • CETs (Concept Evaluation Tests) – in English, Maths, and Science which are conducted once the student joins our DISCOVER Program. These tests help evaluate the status of the student’s conceptual clarity
  • CWTs (Chapter-Wise Tests) – these tests are designed by our academic team and conducted by tutors after they cover a chapter to understand and analyze the student’s understanding of the chapter and concepts
  • Assignments/Worksheets – The students are given regular assignments and worksheets to practice what they have learnt and to see how much or how well they have understood what has been taught
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